Thrift Haul: Vintage Blue Lamp

Hope you had a good Easter.  I was in Savannah this weekend and we had amazing weather, it was a blast.  I didn’t really get to do much thrifting there as I just wanted to relax and eat a lot and that’s exactly what we did!

When we got back to town I ran over to our Goodwill and saw this Blue Lamp on the shelves.  I was so drawn to it because of the color and initially didn’t think I had anywhere to put a blue lamp.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I walked through the store and went ahead and bought it.  It was $10.00 which is more than I’ve paid for a thrifted lamp before but decided that it was worth it for this blue enamel one.  I sent Rachel a picture of it and she loved it and said I should have asked if they had the matching one in the back.  I’ve never done that before but that’s good thrifting advice and if I ever come across a lamp I love this much I will be doing that!

I decided it would be perfect in my “beachy” guestroom where we  featured my Seafood Platters collection here.

I think it looks perfect and even left the original shade on it.  It was all in great condition.

Don’t you love it?

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