DIY: Thrifted Chalkboard Globe

Another Pinterest Project!

Found this newer Globe at a thrift store for $2.99 and decided to use Chalkboard paint as seen on Pinterest. Here is how we did it.

1. Take the globe apart. This was really easy.
2. Hang the globe using string and a wire hanger.
3. Spray paint the base shiny gold.
4. Spray paint the globe using the Chalkboard spray paint. Wait 24 hours
5. Using the side of a piece of chalk rub the entire surface of the globe.
6. Erase and start writing!




This was fun and love the way it turned out

THRIFT HAUL: Well, That Stinks!

Hi all,

Found these fabulous pair of Vintage Chairs on a quick Thrift Store run today.    These chairs are so well made and the color is fabulous but…………….  now that I’ve gotten home, I can really detect a smelly odor.   I believe the smell could be cigar or cigarette smoke in additon to the thrift store smell.  I’ve bought vintage chairs before and did not have this problem.   I guess I’ll be smelling my furniture purchases from now on.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of this smell without having to get these bad boys re-upholstered.

THRIFT HAUL: Vintage Clutches and a pretty creamer!

Hi All,  It’s been a while since we last had a post. Rachel and I have been super busy and have tons of new and exciting things happening that we will share with you soon.   We will send out a post once all the details are finalized…. so exciting!!!!

Meanwhile we are still thrifting when we can!   Today I ran to the thrift store and found some great clutches to be sold on my Etsy Shop.

1. Chocolate Brown – ASTOR Bags Leather Clutch.

2. Oxblood with Rust Trim- Borrelli Leather Clutch.

3. Zebra Print – Comeco Leather Clutch.

I also found this adorable vintage creamer.  Would love to start a collection of White Vintage Creamers!

DIY: Thrifted Frame Photo Display

So once again I have been inspired by Pinterest.  I spotted this Frame Photo Display and decided I needed something like this over my desk area to display those favorite Instagram photos I use when Scrapbooking/Project Life.

This project looked so easy and I already had a larger size frame that I found not long ago (thrifted for $2.00).

I gathered my supplies:

      • 1 16X20 Thrifted Wood Frame
      • 1 box of black cut nails
      • Jute
      • Small Clothes pins (Old or New)
      • Hammer
      • Measuring Tape

We decided 5 rows would work best with this frame.

      1. We measured then hammered the nails on the right and left side of the frame.
      2. Tied Jute to both sides
      3. Gathered those favorite Instagram photos
      4. Used Mini Clothes Pins to attach (found at Hobby Lobby)
      5. Enjoy!

Finished Product!

This was an easy project however, I do have to give credit to my husband Josh for doing this one for me!  It turned out great and looks perfect over my desk.

VINTAGE: Leather Belts & Adding Decor to Your Closet

Lately I’ve been trying to find a way to display some of my vintage leather belts.   These belts are so well made and it’s a shame to just have them shoved in a drawer.   Also, the end result is ~ if you see them, you wear them!

The wooden frame shown is a woodworking tool called a Mitre Box.  It helps a craftsman get the perfect angle as they cut wood.   All I did was roll up some of the belts that I like best and set them inside the box so that the belt buckles show.

That is all ~ Looks cute!