THRIFT HAUL: Cutest Vintage Owl, Clothing & Boots!

I try not to call myself an owl collector, but sometimes they seem to fall from the sky and into my shopping cart.  Isn’t this the cutest one yet?    He is a vintage eyeglass holder.   Unbelievable!   I’d like to introduce my new favorite…  He is here to stay!

I was able to find a few pretty summer dresses too.  This black disco style is such a great LBD (little black dress) to have on hand for a special occasion.  I also love the black detail on the floral one. This keeps it from being to sweet looking.

Also found are these great pair of Vintage Men’s, Adams Boot Co. boots.   The color & wear of the leather is really gorgeous and I know just who to gift them to.  (You’re one lucky brother!)

Last but not least are these great short sleeve tops, Vintage leather belt and a great pair of vintage jeans….  you can just never go wrong with vintage bootcut jeans!!!

THRIFT HAUL: Cardigan Style

It may be Summer time in Atlanta and the heat is on… but, running in and out of the chilly air-conditioning can make even the hottest tamale need a little something on their shoulders.
Grocery stores and many other shops and businesses blast the Arctic AC all Summer long. This is a time when having a cardigan on hand is key. Plus, as you are thrifting, no one else seems to be scouring the sweater aisles. Come cool Fall weather, you won’t find a gem like this vintage Izod cardigan. Funny thing about RED is that it really goes with everything. Just think of it, sort of, as a neutral.


VINTAGE: Tooled Leather Duffel Bag

I had to share this with you all to be sure that you are looking over the bags and purse section of your local thrift shops and flea markets.  Here is a vintage travel bag that was found at a local thrift shop.  This piece is a work of ART.  The size is huge and it is in perfect shape.   The bag is about 24″ long and a foot tall.  I would have to guess this was made in the 70’s, but has really held up remarkably.   There was no dirt or damage whatsoever ~ even wonder if it was ever used.  They just don’t make luggage like this anymore.

THRIFT HAUL: Gifts from Florida!

My family from Florida visited us last week.  My Brother and Sister in-law brought me some Thrifted gifts that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  In fact 2 items they gave me are in my TOP 5 items I now own!

Vintage Blouses:  Awesome Florals and Stripes.  The Blue Striped Blouse is now my Most Favorite.

Vintage Dress:  Awesome Neutral Dress

Vintage Western Belt:  Ok, so this not not exactly how you spell my name (it’s spelled “LORIE”) but what are the chances of them finding this belt with the spelling that 99% of the time is how people spell this.  I will be getting a lot of use out of this one with my collected vintage buckles.

Thank you to my family for visiting and bringing me these awesome thrifted gifts from Florida. You guys did a great job finding stuff that I LOVE!

THRIFT HAUL: Well, That Stinks!

Hi all,

Found these fabulous pair of Vintage Chairs on a quick Thrift Store run today.    These chairs are so well made and the color is fabulous but…………….  now that I’ve gotten home, I can really detect a smelly odor.   I believe the smell could be cigar or cigarette smoke in additon to the thrift store smell.  I’ve bought vintage chairs before and did not have this problem.   I guess I’ll be smelling my furniture purchases from now on.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of this smell without having to get these bad boys re-upholstered.