DIY: Hide those ugly TV remotes in a Custom Cigar Box

Always looking for the TV remote control? Does someone in your family leave it just about anywhere? Maybe you just need a special space to keep them all in one place.
Many cigar boxes are so beautifully made and it is a shame to not find a way to showcase them in some way. Follow these steps and you’ll be done in no time.

1. Pick a box
2. Select your fabric. I prefer to use a velvet or something a little furry.
3. We will want to cut a piece of fabric that will cover the bottom of the inside of the box and the two longest inside panels. To do this, measure the width of the bottom of the inside of the box and cut the fabric to that size. Be sure cut straight and a cutting mat if very helpful.
4. Lay the piece inside the box to be sure it fits perfectly.

5. Now we need to cut fabric for the two shorter side panels of the interior of the box. Using the scrap fabric leftover from the previous cut, measure the shorter, side panels and…
6. …cut fabric to fit inside.
7. With the box on it’s side, drizzle regular craft glue on the shorter interior panel.
8. Use a popsicle stick or paint brush to spread the glue evenly.
9. Put the fabric in place on top of the glue. Press it into the glue smoothly.
10. Repeat on other short side panel.
11. Try placing the larger fabric piece back in the box to double check the size. Trim down to fit if necessary.
12. Drizzle craft glue into the bottom of the box and longer sized side panels.

13. Use a popsicle stick or paint brush to spread the glue evenly.
14. Place the fabric inside the box.
15. Smooth the fabric into the corners to ensure that the entire piece is well glued to the box.
16. Plug in your glue gun and select a piece of fabric trim to add a clean finish to the raw edges of the cut fabric.

17. Setting the trim work is a snap. Start with the box on it’s side.
18. Beginning in one corner, lay down a couple of inches of hot glue then press in the fabric trim you’ve selected.
19. Continuing gluing in the fabric trim all around the top of the furry fabric lining interior…
20. …gluing the fabric trim all the way to meet at the corner in which you began.

21. That’s all Folks! Put your remote controls away and clean up your mess.

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