COLLECTION: Thrifted Vintage Quilts & Afghans

Lorie’s Collection: Thrifted Vintage Quilts & Afghans

Lorie has been collecting vintage quilts and afghans for several years. Her collection is amazing. She has found cute places in her home to use and display each piece. What I love best about Lorie’s collection, is that she uses these. It is so nice to watch a movie on the couch covered up with one of these colorful blankets. Lorie is always on the hunt for these at local thrift stores and antique flea markets. Each one is beautiful in its own way, handmade and truly unique.

The vintage afghans in particular have been gaining interest in home decor. Several have the chevron pattern that is desired by home decoraters. One draped across the arm of a chair can bring instant cheer to a room with its colorful design.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to start collecting them too. If you have one in your linen closet, dust it off and enjoy. Lorie’s beautiful collection has definitely inspired me to pick a few for my home.

Check out Lorie’s Shop and Rachel’s Shop to see some of our found Quilts and Afghans for sale!

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