DIY: Thrifted Frame Photo Display

So once again I have been inspired by Pinterest.  I spotted this Frame Photo Display and decided I needed something like this over my desk area to display those favorite Instagram photos I use when Scrapbooking/Project Life.

This project looked so easy and I already had a larger size frame that I found not long ago (thrifted for $2.00).

I gathered my supplies:

      • 1 16X20 Thrifted Wood Frame
      • 1 box of black cut nails
      • Jute
      • Small Clothes pins (Old or New)
      • Hammer
      • Measuring Tape

We decided 5 rows would work best with this frame.

      1. We measured then hammered the nails on the right and left side of the frame.
      2. Tied Jute to both sides
      3. Gathered those favorite Instagram photos
      4. Used Mini Clothes Pins to attach (found at Hobby Lobby)
      5. Enjoy!

Finished Product!

This was an easy project however, I do have to give credit to my husband Josh for doing this one for me!  It turned out great and looks perfect over my desk.

5 thoughts on “DIY: Thrifted Frame Photo Display

    • Hey there! I used my printer and set it up to print 4×4 prints. I also just ordered prints from Postalpix in the same 4×4 size. Haven’t gotten them yet but the prices weren’t bad! We’ll see how those turn out! Probably do a post about it!

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