DIY: Vintage Clipboard Wall Display

I have recently redecorated one of my guestrooms using mostly Thrifted & vintage decor (more on that later) and again looked to Pinterest for some Wall Decor Inspiration. I came across several links to Vintage Clipboard wall displays, like these below.


I’ve seen these clipboards at various thriftstores and headed out to find a few. I didn’t find them all at one place but I only paid around .50 cents to 1.00 dollar for each. I picked the ones with the most rust and varied the colors of the boards.

I placed them on the wall next to the thrifted desk we painted. Will be easy to add and change favorite photos and keepsakes to them.

Have you used Pinterest for inspiration lately? If so let us know what you created!

6 thoughts on “DIY: Vintage Clipboard Wall Display

  1. I Love this idea! I have 6 clipboards waiting to be hung up, but I can’t decide what to put on them. I guess that’s the beauty of them though….you can change what’s clipped to them whenever you like.

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