About Us!

RACHEL & LORIE are two friends who share a love for Thrifting and Vintage Finds. Together they will showcase their crafts, thrift hauls and many DIY’s.  Read more about Rachel and Lorie below.

RACHEL is an enthusiastic thrift, vintage, bargain hunter and artist.  Thrifting is in her blood.  Born into a family of collectors, her first job was at a local thrift shop.  This is where she really saw all the great gems and those unusual pieces to compete a room and began her own collection.

LORIE is a Florida girl who loves the rustic, barn found vintage style best.  In thrifting and decorating, she adores mixing old and new in her home decor. She has  a true designer’s eye to spot that unusual piece to complete a room or an ensemble.  She also has a love for Photography and her work can be seen through out the blog. She is also an artist and her work is sold at Sis & Moon’s in Alpharetta, GA.

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