DIY: Thrifted Chalkboard Globe

Another Pinterest Project!

Found this newer Globe at a thrift store for $2.99 and decided to use Chalkboard paint as seen on Pinterest. Here is how we did it.

1. Take the globe apart. This was really easy.
2. Hang the globe using string and a wire hanger.
3. Spray paint the base shiny gold.
4. Spray paint the globe using the Chalkboard spray paint. Wait 24 hours
5. Using the side of a piece of chalk rub the entire surface of the globe.
6. Erase and start writing!




This was fun and love the way it turned out

Thrift Find – McCoy Planter


This adorable vintage McCoy planter was such a surprise to find at my local thrift.
Yellow is my favorite color and I collect things with birds so this piece is perfect for me.
In fact, it is so nice it ended up becoming a lovely gift for my dear Mother.

DIY: Shadowbox with Vintage Frames

I’ve been collecting these great Vintage Eyeglasses for a while now.  Was trying to figure out the best way to display these cool frames and decided on this Shadowbox.

I found this rustic and distressed painted Grey shadowbox at TJ Maxx and the eyeglasses were all thrifted.

I simply used some sewing pins with a white tip to secure them in place.