Outfit of the Day: Vintage & New

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DIY: Thrifted Chalkboard Globe

Another Pinterest Project!

Found this newer Globe at a thrift store for $2.99 and decided to use Chalkboard paint as seen on Pinterest. Here is how we did it.

1. Take the globe apart. This was really easy.
2. Hang the globe using string and a wire hanger.
3. Spray paint the base shiny gold.
4. Spray paint the globe using the Chalkboard spray paint. Wait 24 hours
5. Using the side of a piece of chalk rub the entire surface of the globe.
6. Erase and start writing!




This was fun and love the way it turned out

DIY: Thrifted Vintage Wood and Metal Boxes

Found this Vintage Black Metal Toolbox and Vintage Wood Box with dividers on a recent thrift run. Wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to use until today.

Metal box holds my paints and the wood box now stores my artist pads and sketchbooks.

DIY Metal Box & Wood Box

In love with these finds added to my art area.


INSTAGRAM – Photo A Day Challenge (November) 2012

Here we go again ~ another Instagram Photo a Day Challenge has begun.  The new list for November is out and we are excited to participate again  After wrapping up the October Photo A Day we are looking forward to this great new list for November. We are having so much fun and the new November #Photoaday Challenge List looks like it will be fun.

November 2012 Instagram Photo A Day Challenge

Here are some of our favorites from this month.


Here’s a little more about the prompts:

1. Something beginning with ‘c’:  Just pick anything {ANYTHING!} beginning with C and take a photo of it.  It’s an easy one to start the month with.

2. Color:  Take a photo of a color, or something colourful.

3. Breakfast: Yes. It’s time to take a photo of your breakfast. Get creative.

4. TV:  Take a photo of your television, or where you watch TV. Or if you don’t have a TV – take a photo of whatever you do instead. Or someone else’s TV.

5. 5 o’clock:  Take a photo of whatever you’re doing at 5am or 5pm.

6. A favourite thing:  Take a photo of something you adore – a favourite book, movie, person, possession… anything.

7. Reflection:  You could reflect back on life or take a photo of something reflecting, or even a reflection of yourself.

8. Something you do everyday:  What’s something you do most days? Brush your teeth? Fix your hair? Write in your journal? Drive your car? Make dinner? Run? Share it.

9. Small:  Take a photo of something small. Perhaps a bug, a toy or a small gesture.

10. Can’t {won’t} live without:  What’s something you’d rather not live without? Is it coffee? Or something else. Shoot it and share it.

11. Night:  Take a photo of something at night. Perhaps it’s your even routine, or something else?

12. Drink:  Take a photo of a drink. Yours or someone else.

13. Where you slept:  Take a photo of where you slept. Perhaps you took a nap somewhere odd. Or did you just sleep in your bed?

14. Man-made:  There’s natural and then there’s man-made. Take a photo of something made by man.

15. In your bag:  Take a photo of the inside of your bag. Or perhaps take out the contents and give us a full view of what you’re carrying around.

16. The view from your window:  What do you see when you look out your window? Is it as uninspiring as a wall. Who cares? Show us.

17. The last thing you bought:  Perhaps it was a car {dreaming!}, a loaf of bread, or a fancy pair of shoes. Share it!

18. Happened this weekend:  Take a photo of something you did this weekend. Perhaps it was just sleeping, or was it partying? Just shoot a part of your weekend and share it.

19. Something awesome:  Take a photo of something awesome in your life, or something rather awesome that you saw.

20. Work/play:  You could use something like picframe to share two photos – one of what ‘work’ looks like for you, and another of what ‘play’ looks like for you.

21. What you wore:  Take a photo of something you wore. Easy.

22. Grateful:  In parts of the world today it’s Thanksgiving Day. Take a photo of something you’re grateful for.

23. Black:  Take a photo of something black.

24. A sound you heard:  What’s something you heard today? Children laughing? Birds singing? An alarm? Music? Share it.

25. Sky: Take a photo of the sky.

26. In the cupboard: Take a photo of inside a cupboard. Be creative so it’s not as boring as it could be.

27. Tree: Take a photo of a tree. Again test out your creative bones. You could lie down on the ground and take a photo looking up. You could experiment with angles and filters. Have fun.

28. Vehicle:  Take a photo of a car, bus, boat, plane or another type of vehicle.

29. Big:  Take a photo of some BIG!

30. On the wall:  What’s on the wall? Some art? A poster? A fly. Shoot it.

#photoaday is a fun photo-sharing challenge. Using the app Instagram snap a quick photo a day based on the list then apply one of the fun filters.  There are no rules and you can be as creative as you want.  You don’t have to take the most amazing photos, it’s all about being social and sharing it. Everyone is welcome to play!

Once you’ve taken your photo share it by using the hashtag “#FMSphotoaday” so we can all follow along.

Find / Follow us on Instagram by name @vintagegrey.  We try to keep the VINTAGE theme going with our photos. We really hope you will play along and join with us in the fun!

This has been a very fun way to share with friends. It’s turned into a little competition amongst us to see who can make the cutest picture for the day and we have stayed in touch more by doing this.

One of our favorite part of photo a day is checking out everyone else’s photos. You can find them on Instagram or Twitter by searching the hashtag #FMSphotoaday.

Using the DIY Thrifted Photo Display. made in our previous post is a great way to display your instagram photos and encourages us to print them using @postalpix to share with friends and family.

The photo challenge is credited to fellow blogger, FatMumSlim and if you need extra help on How To Play, great directions are listed on her page.