THRIFT HAUL: Vintage Camera & Easter Decor

Did a quick shop at a thrift shop nearby and found some pretty great things.

This vintage camera is from the early 1970s. My Father had the same camera back then, except his was one model earlier. He and I will try to play with this and see if we can get some good photos out of it. Very excited! If it doesn’t work so well, it will be a great piece of decor sitting on a book shelf.

Camera Strap:
The camera strap that came with the camera really got my attention. It is made very well with nice leather pieces at the clasp and the strap is embroidered in a hippie sort of design. The leather is embossed with the maker’s name Camera Caddy and says made in NY. Totally LOVE finding pieces like this that were made in the good ol’ USA.

This cute little bunny was sitting on the shelf at the thrift store and was just beging to come home with me. We have him sitting out with some other Easter decorations. Lovely little vintage porcelain piece.

Sunglasses Case:
A simple Ray-Ban brand case for sunglasses. I’ve seen these before and they are never much money. I have been hunting for a true pair of vintage sunglasses, or as some of you may say, sunnies, for a long time. One day the vintage Ray-Ban aviator pair of my dreams will appear, and when they do, I’ll be ready for them with this case.